Cooper launches new quieter, longer-lasting CS2

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Cooper Tire has launched a new tyre for small and medium sized cars, which boasts a reduction in road noise and a longer lifespan than its predecessor.

Cooper has used the latest pitch sequencing technology to create the Cooper CS2, which ensures that reduction in the tyre’s noise levels are optimised and it provides the quiet running required by latest EU legislation.

The tread pattern is also one of the strengths of the CS2, as three circumferential grooves improve the tyre’s resistance to aquaplaning. They also help to improve the aesthetics of the tyre, which will make it more appealing to customers at the purchase stage.

A broad outer shoulder enhances the tyre’s steering response and handling in the dry, whilst open inner shoulders do the same in the wet, ensuring the CS2 meets EU legislation for wet grip as well as noise.

Advances in technology also mean that the CS2 will last longer than rivals, while improvements in production ensure that this is one of the new wave of “greener tyres” made using more environmentally-friendly methods.

The T-speed rated CS2 has fitments for a wide range of small to medium sized family cars between 13 and 15-inch rim diameters.